Mani Monday! Mauve-Gray Coffin Nails

I love my signature stiletto nail, but I wanted a change. I love to switch it up with my nails. I get bored of the same ole same ole.

I had an aquamarine shimmery stiletto nail going previously, and I wanted something in the nude family and wanted to switch the nail shape up. Coffin nail, although it's a bit of a strange name, it's a pretty cool shape. Mine isn't super dramatic because it's not easy transitioning from stiletto nails to coffin nails, but I still love what my nail lady did.

I was inspired by some winter lip colors and found a color that is kind of a mauve-gray. I found it to be very chic and I'm really into it!

(I'm in love with these leggings by the way! Very cool and they actually fit great for the material)

What do you think of the nails? What are my Rebelles rockin? I could use some inspiration for my next mani in 3 weeks!