Peer Pressure from Nail Salons & Sticking to your Guns!

Does anyone else feel like their nail ladies (or men) try to convince you to do things you don’t want nor need? I get this peer pressure almost every time I go in.

I like to change up my nails depending on my mood, the season, what's "in", or hey, even sometimes the name of the polish will convince me if it sounds cool. Like this one I put on my toes... 

However, my nail lady (the owner) is always trying to convince me to do something other than what I want. & She's always pushing me into wearing “sparkle”. I like a little sparkle here and there in general in life, sure, but I don't need my nails to look that way all the time. Plus, I have sparkle on my ring finger already ;)

But she's SO pushy! One time when I wasn’t paying attention I looked up from my phone and saw her dangling a nail polish brush over my ring-finger-nail. We caught eyes, and stared each other down like we were in a cop drama. Put it down slowly... we don't want anyone getting hurt here...

Through our ocular showdown, she hovered over my nail with the glittery nail polish brush, waiving it in a taunting manner. "Jennifer, OK... tell me if you like this..." Cue the slow mo: Noooooooooooooooooo.... Put. The. Glittery. Polish. DOWN.

I could not believe it. I said no, but she's like the pushy mom that insists "you'll thank me later". No, just put the polish I asked for on and let me be on my merry way. Please.

So I went in recently to get a quick pedicure on my lunch break. The nail salon is literally a 30 second walk from my job, therefore it's easy to get in and get out quickly (that's what she said!) Sorry, I couldn't resist from my Michael Scott GIF below...

With pedicures I can actually use my hands (that's what... ahh forget it...), unlike manicures, so I like to relax and catch up on personal emails, look at ETSY stuff for the wedding, go on Pinterest, Facebook, whatever. 

But I was not relaxed, as I was disturbed several times.

The pedicure woman (different from the pushy owner) was incessantly asking me if I wanted a spa pedicure (a substantially more expensive pedicure). Over and over and over... Then the owner comes over and does the same. Then they team up and both insist I also get the callus remover, because I need it SOOO badly. UM excuse you! Then, they suggest I get a french manicure for an extra $5. I finally had to stop with the sweet "I'm sorry but no thank you"s and sternly say "NO, just the regular pedicure and that's all." They finally listened when they saw my patience ran out and I meant business. Well, in their case, less actual business. Also, in my head I subtracted a dollar from the pushy woman's tip.

Does this drive anyone else nuts? I had a makeup job last weekend for a young lady's sweet 16 (shout out to Sidney M.!) and I did her makeup along with her mother and sister's. The four of us were discussing how irritating it is and how often it happens. We swapped stories on how some nail ladies even try and make you feel bad about yourself so you'll purchase extra services. 

I have another funny (but not funny) (but funny) story...  a friend of mine was getting her nails done once and the nail lady looked her dead in the eye and said "you need a lip wax BAD... soo hairy". After I could breathe again after laughing so hard at this funny-but not-funny-but-funny story, I realized how crazy and rude it is. So many nail salons have the sales tactic of insulting, embarrassing, and pressuring their clients to get additional services. Not cool. I could never, nor would ever, do that with my clients in a million years! I don't even post before-and-after pics on my website, because I never want anyone to feel remotely bad about themselves or embarrassed. When you're asking for a service, you should be getting what you want and be happy, comfortable, and relaxed. You should never be tricked into anything or made to be insulted. I can't stand that. 

So, my advice is that if you're easily coerced by your nail ladies then I think you should make the decision on what you want before you go in there and prepare to stick to your guns.  I'll admit, I was close to saying yes to the darn callus remover until I texted two friends (hi Joanna and Brittany!) and they insisted that the women were doing that on purpose & were full of crap. Know what you want beforehand and be prepared to say no if they try to talk you into something you don't want. Do you want that free massage and are OK paying the tip? Or do you not want one today? Do you want something different but need a little guidance from the nail lady? Do you feel like you want to treat yourself to a spa pedicure today, or do you just want a normal pedicure and that's it? Make it known and don't feel bad about being stern or confident. You're not a bitch because you know what you want. Really! Sometimes you need to be assertive with people who are trying to take advantage of you. Don't let them!

So the next time you're told you need to come every 2 weeks, your feet need a callus remover, or that you're soo hairy (hahaha), ignore them, or chuck up the deuces and go on to a new place. There's only about 200,000+ in the U.S. to choose from ;)

Anyway, on a positive note… What manicure are you rocking today for #manicuremonday? I'm loving my color. I think it's subtle but chic. I showed you mine, now show me yours ;) I could use some inspiration for my next mani.