Bonni's Bridal Trial

It was such a pleasure meeting Bonni and her mom at her trial. Bonni is such a sweetheart and her mom was the same. Her mom was the ideal type of person to bring to a trial. I always tell people, try to only bring one person and bring someone who's super supportive and non-judgmental. Someone who is looking for you to be happy as the bride, not someone who just wants to be heard. Her mom was that perfect person to bring. She was really supportive and encouraging. 

When talking to Bonni I realized that one of her bridesmaids was an old friend of mine from middle school that I lost touch with. What a good excuse to message my old friend to say hello!

Bonni was such a wonderful person to get to know and spend time with. I'm super excited that Christina and I will be joining her on her wedding day in July. I'm dreaming about the warm weather already! ☀️🌊👙 

What do you think of Bonni's makeup?!