Tish's Baby Shower πŸ’™πŸ‘Ά

The day I did Tish's makeup was a super busy day for me. I had 3 different appointments to travel to with 6 different people. Thankfully, Tish started out my day. She was so cool to talk to. She was funny and super chill. Her daughter was so funny and sassy and kept us entertained until it was time for mommy to have her time to relax and get her makeup done. Tish said from the very beginning she didn't want her makeup feeling heavy on the skin. Airbrush is perfect for that, as it is intended to feel super light on the skin. I had such a great time with Tish & loved glamming her up for her baby shower. She definitely made the kickoff to a busy day very relaxing and fun!


Gannon's Makeup for a Wedding

The second I left Gannon's home I was calling Laura to talk about how awesome Gannon was. Laura did Gannon's blowout and I came to set up towards the end of it. She and her family were SO sweet. Her daughter was super sassy and cracking me up left and right! For her friend of the family's wedding, Gannon wanted to look like herself with a bit of glam which I love to do because I love to enhance natural beauty! Both Laura and I had such a great time dolling Gannon up. She was so kind, funny, generous, and laid back. Needless to say, it was our pleasure!


Melissa's Makeup for her Baby Shower πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’™

I'm sorry but how beautiful is Melissa?! So gorgeous. Melissa contacted me about makeup for her and her mother for her baby shower. Her mom left a little earlier so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of her. Melissa had mentioned that her mother didn't like the look or feel of wearing a ton of makeup so I did a very natural look for her that made her beauty glow. Her mom looked so happy & confident after which made me so happy. With Melissa, she wanted hints of blue incorporated into her eye makeup since she's having a baby boy. If you can tell from the photo, I put a little bit of blue shadow into the creases & used it to line her bottom lid halfway. I thought her idea of incorporating blue into her makeup was so cool and also meaningful. It was so fun to do! I had a great time spending time with Melissa and her mother. Melissa is going to be a first time mom just like me, so it was really nice talking to someone going through a similar experience. Plus she lives literally a block away from where I grew up, so we will have to get together for some decaf coffee soon 😊😘


Elena's Makeup for a Friend's Bridal Shower!🌻

Elena is one of my closest friends in the world. Elena connected me with her wonderful work bestie Dayna, who's wedding makeup I'll be doing in July. Elena got a gorgeous dress for Dayna's Bridal Shower and wanted to get her makeup done too. I actually never did her makeup before so I was excited to do it! I was also nervous, does anyone else find it more nerve wracking to do something for friends or family rather than strangers?! Although I sure do, I had fun spending time with and dolling up my beautiful friend! β™₯️


Twinning Spring Bridesmaids Nadia & Kamla 🌸🌷

This #tbt post is about Nadia and Kamla, who reached out to me last year because they were bridesmaids in their friend's wedding and wanted their hair and makeup done prior to the wedding. Since their friend was having an Indian wedding, they had already been celebrating for days. This was Day 3 of the celebration!

The wedding was a year ago this week, so Nadia's spring allergies were really bothering her. Good thing most of my products are waterproof and skin sensitive! She told me later everything felt great and stayed on nicely  which I was so happy about! Nadia went for a beautiful, classic natural look while Kamla went for a sexy red lip and glam eyes. Kamla and I went back and forth through emails discussing great red options and she picked a gorgeous color! I always tell clients if they're going to go for a bold lip color it's smart to purchase one to reapply throughout the day. These best friends wanted to do a "twinning hairstyle" which was so sweet! They brought Laura a picture of the look they wanted and Laura recreated it beautifully. Laura and I LOVED Nadia and Kamla and we truly felt like we made friends that day. πŸ‘―πŸ‘―

Me, Kamla, Nadia, and Laura Β 

Me, Kamla, Nadia, and Laura Β 

Nadia put up a before and after on my Yelp and wrote a beautiful review (below)Β 

Nadia put up a before and after on my Yelp and wrote a beautiful review (below)Β 


Newborn Shoot - Makeup for Mommies

I met newborn photographer Stephanie and she asked if one of my hair and makeup teams could come to her studio a couple weeks ago. Laura and I went over to do hair and makeup for the mother, Araji. I thought the concept was such a nice idea. Since the mom and dad were going to be in the photos, the idea is that the mom gets pampered with hair and makeup beforehand. I'm sure after weeks of no sleep and lots of new baby experiences it felt great to be pampered. Loved the idea! Don't worry, there's a TV for the dads to relax too as well lol! Araji wanted something very natural for her photos with her new daughter. If you know anyone who's doing a newborn shoot that doesn't offer this type of pampering, let me know and I'll be happy to do it beforehand!


Jackie's Night Out!

I met Jackie through Tara who is a fabulous hairstylist. Tara and I met at Stephanie's wedding and I was ecstatic when she asked me to come by to do her client Jackie's makeup for a night out. Jackie and her husband were going to a very fancy party and she wanted to get all dolled up for it.  I loved meeting Jackie and working with Tara - they were cracking me up the entire time!!


Anna's Daughter's Baptism

New Mom Anna wanted to look and feel extra special for her daughter's baptism. She and her husband were throwing a party for their new baby girl after the baptism. Since this is such a special memory for them and their families, they hired a photographer and wanted to treasure these photos forever. That's where we come in! We love helping people feel special on days that are so important to them. Anna was such a breath of fresh air. She just had her first child a few months ago and, first, looks amazing. Second, and more importantly, she is the sweetest person ever! Laura and I loved chatting with her and spending time with her. As a mom-to-be, Anna was giving me great advice. She's so calm and grounded which gives me hope that I can be, too lol! Congratulations Anna & family!


Jill & Lillie Treat Themselves πŸ’„πŸ’‹

I did Jill & her daughter Lillie's makeup for a bat mitzvah they were attending a couple weeks ago. They were both excited to get to spend time with their friends at the celebration. A hardworking Mom, Jill wanted to treat herself and her daughter to getting their makeup done together. Jill was so funny and personable and kept me laughing. Lillie was so cool and sweet and fun to talk to. (& by the way, her skin is so flawless I couldn't get over it. I barely put anything on it.) I had a great time with these beauties!


Erica and Hailey's Natural Looks for a Bat Mitzvah

Erica and her daughter Hailey were so easy going and sweet. They were going to a Bat Mitzvah that evening and wanted to get their hair and makeup done. Erica mentioned that she doesn't typically wear makeup on a daily basis so she wanted something more on the natural end. Since her daughter Hailey is only 11, I wanted to respect her age but still have her feel beautiful and "made up". Christina did a great job with their hair. They were so lovely and I had such a nice time with them!


Yuri's Baby Shower

Amanda Marie, one of Rebelle With a Gloss' makeup artists, did Yuri's makeup for her baby shower this past Saturday. Yuri's mother-in-law loved how beautiful Yuri's makeup turned out that she asked Amanda Marie do hers as well! Although Yuri is glowing, you can't even tell she's pregnant in this pic! 😘 Sooo pretty! 


Katie's Bridal Shower

On Sunday we dolled Katie up for her bridal shower. One of RWAG's freelance hairstylists, Christina, curled Katie's pretty blonde hair down into beautiful waves. For makeup, Katie wanted flawless skin and for her eyes to pop without the look seeming super dramatic. Katie was so cool to hang out with. Both Christina and I loved working with her. Congratulations Katie!


Getting dolled up for Graduation

Ariana, my beautiful client, graduated from college today and wanted to look extra special and get her hair and makeup done. Congratulations Ariana! Doesn't she look gorge?!!!!!!


Getting Shayna Gorge for her Bridal Shower!

Laura and I had a great time with Shayna! Laura did her hair and I did her makeup this beautiful Sunday morningβ˜€οΈ. She was so funny and we had so much fun glamming her up for her bridal shower today. She looked so beautiful! Her gorgeous eyes popped and her hair looked beyond radiant! We took a short silly "live video" below while Laura was curling her hair. Then her fiancΓ© came by and we took some quick photos. They are so cute together. You can see the glow on her face (partially due to the highlighter lol) but also because she beams around him. Adorable! Have a great shower, Shayna!

After! Doesn't she look gorgeous!?Β 

After! Doesn't she look gorgeous!?Β 

Meeting Chris Brown & Trey Songz!

I did the lovely Kesi's makeup for her prom a few years ago, and I was so excited when she texted me to do her makeup for this exciting event!


Kesi is a huge music fan and loves going to concerts.  Her Mom bought her an amazing gift for Christmas... tickets to the Chris Brown & Trey Songz Between the Sheets tour! Not just that, but also tickets for a Meet and Greet package to meet Chris Brown and Trey! She was so excited to be able to meet one of her favorite entertainers! She immediately texted me asking if I would be able to do her makeup, to make the day even more special. I was super excited to see her again and luckily had the day open!

When I saw her again, she was as sweet as ever. Her 10 year old niece was hanging out with us and was extremely adorable. She loved watching me do Kesi's makeup while she sang and danced to Michael Jackson, who is her favorite entertainer.  She looks up to Kesi it's so cute. I do have to say she was the most fabulous 10 year old I ever met! 

For this event, Kesi wanted a very sexy modern look. Lips, eyes, lashes...she wanted it all & she rocked it!

Look at those gorgeous lips! Kylie Jenner step aside!

Kesi wanted to do a silly photo for her meet and greet with Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Kesi is such a fun and confident girl & I loved seeing her again.

                         Kesi, if you marry either one of them I'll do your makeup for your wedding!! ;) Just saying...

Kesi with Chris Brown and Trey Songz

Kesi with Chris Brown and Trey Songz