Airbrush for Patricia's Engagement Party 💍

Patricia originally found me on Wedding Wire and we chatted through there. But then, her sister recommended she reach out to someone who did a friend's wedding 5 years ago. That someone ended up being me, too, lol! So I suppose we were meant to meet!

I airbrushed Patricia, her mother, and her sister for Patricia's engagement party at Pompeii Restaurant. She and her sister had gotten airbrush before, but they were apprehensive because they said it made them look very pale. If you've also had this experience, it's likely the makeup artist you used may have used a color that didn't match your skin tone. Or, used a reflective powder over it. They were so happy with the airbrush results. I loved meeting all 3 of them, they were so hospitable and sweet! Congratulations, Patricia! 💍

Patricia, the bride to be! 

Patricia, the bride to be! 


Tish's Baby Shower 💙👶

The day I did Tish's makeup was a super busy day for me. I had 3 different appointments to travel to with 6 different people. Thankfully, Tish started out my day. She was so cool to talk to. She was funny and super chill. Her daughter was so funny and sassy and kept us entertained until it was time for mommy to have her time to relax and get her makeup done. Tish said from the very beginning she didn't want her makeup feeling heavy on the skin. Airbrush is perfect for that, as it is intended to feel super light on the skin. I had such a great time with Tish & loved glamming her up for her baby shower. She definitely made the kickoff to a busy day very relaxing and fun!


Makeup for Sidney's Sweet 16!

I did makeup for Sidney, her mom Tracy, and her sister Andrea for Sidney's super sweet 16! 

They were so fun to do makeup for and incredibly sweet and funny. They were making me laugh the whole time! 

Sidney was having an "Under the Sea" theme and had an awesome dress to fit the theme. All 3 of the girls looked fabulous! 

Sidney wanted a glam look while mom Tracy and sister Andrea went for a pretty natural look. Everyone looked beautiful! Congratulations to Sidney!


Mother's Day - Jinxes... and the Mob!

I hope all the beautiful mothers and mothers to be had a very Happy Mother's Day this past weekend!

I had a lovely Mother's Day! I first went to visit with my soon-to-be in laws at my aunt's house which was very nice. I always love hanging out with them. Then I went to my sister's place to celebrate my mom with my family. We BBQ'd and kind of just relaxed, which was very nice! I am a BIG fan of relaxing ;)

Later on in the evening we all watched the Ranger's Game.  And when I say "we all" watched the game, I mean mostly everyone watched while I played on my phone and went through my pictures for this blog post. I notice that with some sports that although I do try to watch them, I end up staring at the screen zoning out thinking about other things. Am I alone here? I did once in a while yell out "go team!" or "go sports!" just to be sassy. Apparently my sister was also zoned out, because during the game she picked her head up and asked everyone "hey guys just wondering do you believe in jinxes and all that?" Then about 5 minutes later The Capitals scored a goal and my brother (a die hard Ranger's fan as you can see from his clothes in the picture below) gave her the death stare. Whoops. I'm thinking we may not be invited to watch Game 7 tonight...

From left to right, my brother Anthony, my sister Laura, my mom, and me

From left to right, my brother Anthony, my sister Laura, my mom, and me

As some of you already know, I am getting married in October. My mom is super excited, as I am the first in the family to tie the ole knot. One particular day she came up to me and said...

Mom: "Jennifer, do you know what the acronym for Mother of the Bride is??"

Me: "Yes. M.O.B."

Mom: "It's M.O.B.! Mob! Get it?? Watch out for the Mob, get it? I'm the mob! Don't mess with me!"

Then she proceeded to crack up and starting referring to herself as "JMOB". JMOB = Jody, Mother of the Bride. She has been using it as her text signature too, because that's what the mob would do obviously. It's actually pretty cute though I will admit. So as part of her Mother's Day gift, I had a shirt specially made from ETSY for her...

Now she has a little more street 'cred.

Hope everyone had a very happy Mother's Day!