SAG Awards - Best and Worst Dressed Celebs IMHO

Truthfully, I don't really like award shows. All I like to watch is the E! Red Carpet and see the celebrities and what they're wearing. & Leonardo DiCaprio, always Leonardo DiCaprio. Swoon...

Ok, yes, I'm already married but my husband is OK with my Leo obsession

Ok, yes, I'm already married but my husband is OK with my Leo obsession


Disclosure... as much as I don't like women hating on other women, it's all in good fun when we discuss celebrities and their dresses for award shows. I have the utmost respect for all (most) of these women. Ok, now let me make fun of them and be superficial... 


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria... freakin' AMAZING. She has a hot bod and clearly was responding to haters from the Golden Globes. Truth be told, I thought she looked great at the Globes, too. Very classy. But here at the SAGs, dammmnnnnnn!!!! I think her hair wasn't great, honestly, but overall she looked insanely beautiful. Makeup on point, dress on point, body on point. I also love that she has a great personality and is super down to earth. Killin' it Eva!



Gaby Hoffmann

Ok, now I'm going to be mean. I'm sorry but I have to be honest. Gaby Hoffmann. Errrrrrr she looked ROUGH. I didn't even realize she was the same girl as the main character in Now and Then! She def peaked (visually) in that movie. I was not a fan of this look. Sorry Gaby! (& sorry to my cousin Lisa who loves her). But this was bad news. She's only 34 and looked like someone's crazy aunt. Not a good look.

                     Then                                                   &                                Now... 

                     Then                                                   &                                Now... 


Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is such a beautiful woman, but I don't understand what was up with her dress. This may be her last SAG awards show since Mad Men is over. I think she has great skin and a great body. Very Marilyn Monroe-eque - you don't have to be a size 2 to have a great body. But this dress was all wrong. The color was too light for her skin tone and it was tight in all the wrong places. The material was super heavy and I just wasn't feeling it. She's such a beautiful woman and she (or her stylist) did not produce a win on this one. P.S. Is her husband the dude from Super Troopers? That kind of makes me like her more.

Helen Mirren

Oh my god. I'm sorry but Helen Mirren is hott! How old is this chick? Hold on while I google it...  70, wow. She looks amazing. She also exudes this dope confidence. I seriously love this dress on her and I truly think she rocked it. I think Idris Elba agrees ;)



Susan Sarandon and... um... her daughter... apparently her name is Eva Amurri

I don't get this. I mean it's super cool that she's confident enough to show the tats. But... if I'm going to wear a shirt so low that it shows my bra I'm going to 1) make sure its a damn sexy bra and 2) make sure my boobs look amazing and perky. Kudos for being daring, but the execution is a fail for me. Love the confidence, though.

I think her daughter's dress looked eye catching... great color, great cut outs, but it definitely could have been a bit more fitted especially around the boob area. The Sarandon ladies could definitely benefit from a push up bra. But, again, love the rockin' confidence.


Saoirse Ronan

I had a rough time spelling that name. OK, so her dress isn't exactly my favorite of the night.  I'm not blown away by it, but I really liked it on her. I think she looked incredibly classy. The last award show she looked nice, but way too laid back. For the SAGs she looked very elegant, a young elegance. The hair, the dress, the jewelry. I think she looked beautiful.  This isn't the best picture below representative of how she looked on TV, but trust me she was ON POINT.


Brie Larson

Side note I love the name Brie. Just Brie. Anyway, so I think Brie's dress was really gorgeous on her. She has a sick body and wore it well. My only issue is that I feel like her attire consistently is not cohesive with her hair and makeup. At the Globes, her dress was AMAZING. But her hair and makeup contrasted it with. At the SAG awards, again, her dress looked amazing on her, but her hair and makeup fell flat. She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful body, but needs to up her hair and makeup game. Call me, Brie! I'll help with your makeup game honey ;)



Laverne Cox

I'm sorry but Laverne rocked this outfit! She looked amazing and she knew it. Hair, makeup, outfit, gorgeosa!!!! If I'm being super picky I'm not feeling the pedicure or shoes. But she looks amaze!!! That dress on her... wow. Channeling Queen Bey.



Please leave your comments :) Did I miss anyone? Share your thoughts and LMK! 

Camera Flash + These 2 = Terrible for Pictures

There are so many makeup dos and don't out there that it could be hard to keep track of them all. But I will say, these two makeup mistakes below have the potential to ruin your wedding photos (or, for those not planning a wedding, your going-out/ event photos.)

1) SPF

If you wear foundation on a regular basis, SPF helps keep UV rays and free radicals away from your skin. (Which is a good thing!) However, on the day of your wedding or on a special night out it's something you should seriously avoid.

SPF in foundations (or lotions, but especially foundations), especially in larger quantities, typically cause this flashback effect when the camera's flash is used. What happens is, when the flash is used, light reflects off your face and gives a bright white effect. 

Take me for example... It was the night of my rehearsal dinner. I did a bold red lip and minimal eyeshadow, which was opposite of what I was going to do the day of my wedding two days later.  At home and in natural lighting my makeup looked great. I loved pairing the red lip with my white dress. Very classic looking. However, as people were taking pictures (with the flash) and showed me the pictures after, I noticed my face was soooo pale in the pictures! Like, Casper pale. I was wondering why, since my makeup didn't have SPF in it (or so I thought) and in natural light I didn't look pale at all. I was kind of bummed about it, since the rehearsal dinner was at night so the flash was mainly used in all pictures. But overall I was relieved to find out before the wedding since I planned on using the same foundation for my big day. When I went home later I checked the foundation. I knew the brand got a new "look" hence the new glass bottle instead of the plastic squeeze packaging I was used to. But apparently with the new look came a new formula, and the addition of SPF 25. Sneaky sneaky. Tisk tisk Rimmel, why would you do that to your friend Jenn?

Here are some pictures from my rehearsal dinner. I'm not sure which looks whiter, my face or my dress...

           NO FLASH                                                                                         WITH THE FLASH

SPF no.jpg

Like I said, if you're using SPF in your makeup during the day on a normal daily basis to work or wherever it's totally fine to wear SPF. It's even good since it protects your skin from the sun. But if you're going out somewhere special and plan to take pictures with the flash, or, more importantly if you're picking a foundation for your wedding day, make sure it doesn't have SPF.


2) Makeup Forever HD Powder

If you see your makeup artist about to use this powder on your face, RUN!!! This powder creates a similar effect to SPF, however, it shows exactly where the powder was placed. It contains 100% silica which is notorious for creating the flashback effect. 

Some celebrity victims include our dear friends Eva, Nicole, and Miley:

makeup faux pa.jpg

Typically, after foundation or under-eye concealer is applied, makeup artists will use powder to create a more matte (less shiny) effect. It sets foundation and under-eye concealer. But you have to be careful which powder you use.

Shouldn't their fancy celebrity makeup artists know better?

If you see a bright white streak under your eyes in photos after an event where you got your makeup done, then it's very likely your makeup artist may accidentally be guilty of committing this crime. 

A nice setting powder I like to use is Laura Mercier's translucent powder. It is very light on the skin, hydrating, and a little bit goes a long way. Most importantly, It doesn't create a flashback effect.

  Avoid this like the plague!

  Avoid this like the plague!

Try this setting powder instead

Try this setting powder instead

Remember, using SPF on a normal daily basis during the day (and when you're not using flash photography) can be great because it protects your skin from sun damage. But, at night or when you're in a situation where you're going to be taking pictures, you should avoid it at all costs. Avoiding these two makeup mistakes are pivotal for important pictures. When using the flash, whether it's on your phone or your fancy camera, stay away from both SPF and Makeup Forever HD Powder. Beware, or you'll be in for a scare... because you'll look like a ghost. I'm sure a cute ghost though... ;)