Maxine's Graduation Events

Maxine's mother called me for Maxine's hair and makeup for both her elementary school graduation as well as a dance she was having the following week as part of the graduation celebrations. Laura did Maxine's hair and I did her makeup for both events. We loved Maxine! She is such a sweet girl and she was so fun to chat with. We actually loved her whole family as they're such nice, good people. By the way, Maxine is also SUPER smart and got a scholarship to a fancy school in NYC for next year. Congratulations Maxine! 

For Maxine's makeup we did partial services the first time for graduation (just eyes) and then full services for the dance (face too) without fake lashes. Can you see the difference? 💗


Airbrush for Patricia's Engagement Party 💍

Patricia originally found me on Wedding Wire and we chatted through there. But then, her sister recommended she reach out to someone who did a friend's wedding 5 years ago. That someone ended up being me, too, lol! So I suppose we were meant to meet!

I airbrushed Patricia, her mother, and her sister for Patricia's engagement party at Pompeii Restaurant. She and her sister had gotten airbrush before, but they were apprehensive because they said it made them look very pale. If you've also had this experience, it's likely the makeup artist you used may have used a color that didn't match your skin tone. Or, used a reflective powder over it. They were so happy with the airbrush results. I loved meeting all 3 of them, they were so hospitable and sweet! Congratulations, Patricia! 💍

Patricia, the bride to be! 

Patricia, the bride to be! 


Yuri's Baby Shower

Amanda Marie, one of Rebelle With a Gloss' makeup artists, did Yuri's makeup for her baby shower this past Saturday. Yuri's mother-in-law loved how beautiful Yuri's makeup turned out that she asked Amanda Marie do hers as well! Although Yuri is glowing, you can't even tell she's pregnant in this pic! 😘 Sooo pretty! 


Katie's Bridal Shower

On Sunday we dolled Katie up for her bridal shower. One of RWAG's freelance hairstylists, Christina, curled Katie's pretty blonde hair down into beautiful waves. For makeup, Katie wanted flawless skin and for her eyes to pop without the look seeming super dramatic. Katie was so cool to hang out with. Both Christina and I loved working with her. Congratulations Katie!


Mani Monday - Jet Setting

Yes, I know it's Tuesday😊

So I'm quite busy over the next few weeks. I just got back from an amazing, fun, and romantic trip with my hubby in Chicago. If you're my Facebook friend, sorry to blow up your news feed🙈  But I wanted to share the great time we had. 

Yes, in the background that is a hat filled with nachos from the Cub's game we went to.  

Yes, in the background that is a hat filled with nachos from the Cub's game we went to.  

I was WAY overdue for a manicure. Like embarrassingly overdue. This Memorial Day Weekend we were in Chicago as I mentioned, this upcoming weekend we are going to my darling friend Darcy's wedding in Bermuda, and the weekend after we are going to celebrate our awesome cousin Jay's 40th birthday in Vegas! So I needed a polish that was fabulous but not too colorful where it would clash with a dress for a wedding. 


I was drawn to this clear looking polish with specs of gold. It felt both fabulous for Vegas but classy for my friend's wedding. I also reshaped my coffin nails back to stiletto shape (inspiration from my last client who had awesome nails). You can't really see how they gleam in the photos so check out my like 5 second Instagram vid @rebelle1010. Let me know what you think. Or show me yours! I could use some summer mani-inspiration. 

Getting dolled up for Graduation

Ariana, my beautiful client, graduated from college today and wanted to look extra special and get her hair and makeup done. Congratulations Ariana! Doesn't she look gorge?!!!!!!


Getting Shayna Gorge for her Bridal Shower!

Laura and I had a great time with Shayna! Laura did her hair and I did her makeup this beautiful Sunday morning☀️. She was so funny and we had so much fun glamming her up for her bridal shower today. She looked so beautiful! Her gorgeous eyes popped and her hair looked beyond radiant! We took a short silly "live video" below while Laura was curling her hair. Then her fiancé came by and we took some quick photos. They are so cute together. You can see the glow on her face (partially due to the highlighter lol) but also because she beams around him. Adorable! Have a great shower, Shayna!

After! Doesn't she look gorgeous!? 

After! Doesn't she look gorgeous!? 

Who's Album is Better IMHO? Adele Vs. Beyonce!


Ok. I’m just going to say it. You can be mad & you don’t have to understand, but… here it is. I don’t care for the Adele album. Hold on! Before you get super pissed at me let me explain. I never FELT Adele’s album nor connected with it. I didn’t. I liked some songs, but they weren’t unique to me. I more so wanted to love it because I felt I should. Adele is seemingly an awesome, down to earth, real & hilarious person. Her voice is AHMAZING. But I didn’t connect with it. That’s just me. A couple of the songs are great, but the album as a whole just doesn’t do it for me.

I’ve been seeing a lot of memes about people thinking Beyonce is overrated. After picking my jaw up from the floor I realized it's OK. Not everyone has to GET her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But she is a serious singer and performer. Her concerts are the best I've been to. She also writes a significant amount of her music. For those who find her overrated I encourage you to listen to her album Lemonade. It's BOMB. Some may not “get” the album & that’s ok too. But for my fierce, emotional, women who like to be empowered, I think you should give it a try. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean you’re any less fierce, emotional, or empowered. But I FEEL that album. It is such a raw, emotional, but strong journey you go on with her. It's an honest album about a woman's pain, self-worth, empowerment, and struggle to forgive and move forward with her life. I just connected with it. Maybe you will too, maybe you won't! Give it a try. & If you don't like it, then "sorry, I ain't sorry," (Track 4). I'm literally obsessed.

Makeup Tutorial Video - Using Powder to Set Foundation

Please see below for my (previously live) video to learn how to apply setting powder over foundation. I'll also show you which setting powder I use on myself and all my clients. Goofy commentary included. 

Mani Monday! Hot and wild blue nails

I had such a muted mani going on, that I decided I needed something wild and crazy. I love the blue, it's so fun and edgy. Gorgeosa💙💙💙💙.  


Also, the color is called Rue du France and I have a slight obsession with France (huge obsession with Paris, ugh, love it.)

Makeup or Breakup? Acure Coconut & Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes


It's like the guy who seems perfect... He's gorgeous, sweet, smells great, has a good job... he's good on paper. But then you get to know him & he's a real asshole. I sooo wanted to like this face wipe. It's cruelty free, sulfate free, silicon free, paraben free, petroleum free, gluten free, vegan (in case you want to eat it?), and blah etc. I love argan oil, and coconut oil is supposed to be super hydrating. So I spent the extra few bucks and bought it.

I pictured wiping off my makeup before bed, smelling like delicious coconuts. My skin beaming with hydration. Then, drifting off into a sweet slumber with dreams of being fed grapes and being fanned with giant leaves. Awakening to glowing, beautiful skin. All because of these wipes.

As I took the first wipe out, it felt extremely flimsy. Oh well, I thought. I started wiping my foundation off and the thin towelettes started crumbling, essentially falling apart. I opened a second one. I started attempting to take my (usually easy to remove) mascara off. Then I felt a tingle by my eye. Then a burn, oh god it burns! It was not at all the pleasant feeling I expected and hoped for. I kept pushing through the burn, and instead of the mascara coming off, it just smeared across my face. Kind of like this:


It was not a good look and it took at least three towelettes to get all my makeup off. My skin did not feel hydrated, it felt abused from excessive rubbing to try and get all the makeup off. As much as I appreciate Acure’s attempt to make something without all the “bad” ingredients, but the execution was poor. The only good thing I can say about the product is that it smells amazing on your face. That is all. But again, if it smells amazing, seems amazing, but is better in your head than in real life, then you have to cut it loose and say goodbye. #shitjustgotrealdeep. It's a definite breakup for me.


Mani Monday! Muted Mani for Lauren's Wedding

For my last manicure I wanted to do something a bit more muted. I rented an amazing dress from Rent the Runway and since it was a very fabulous dress, I felt I needed to go a bit more natural with hair, makeup, and nails in an effort to not look overdone. I was SO in the mood to rock some edgy nails, but I wanted a classy look for Lauren's beautiful wedding at the Fox Hollow. Congratulations to Lauren & Danny! We had an amazing time at their wedding!


Makeup or Breakup? Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I started a new section of my blog called "Makeup or Breakup?" With so many beauty products out there, I'm always looking for honest reviews (which are hard to find). So I'll inform you about the amazing products out there and the not-so-amazing products that you should break up with! I'll be giving my unbiased reviews of beauty products for you all & hey, If you're ever curious about a product, ask me to try it for you! I always love an excuse to buy makeup ;)

Makeup or Breakup?

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I'm always on the market for a fabulous mascara. I don't wear a ton of makeup on the daily but I'll typically wear mascara. Gun to my head, if I could only wear one makeup product it would be mascara. Or foundation. No... definitely mascara (please don't put a gun to my head).

Beyond loving the sass of a name like Perversion, it's a great mascara. It coats the lashes really well, even after one stroke. Personally, like a potato chip, I can never go for just one. I'm a several-coats-of-mascara kind of girl. But even one coat makes your lashes pop like WHOA and the brush gives pretty good control. 

Being that it's a very wet formula you might want to be extra careful when applying so it doesn't get on your lid. However, it's extremely easy to wipe off with a wet Qtip if you do get it on your lid. That being said, it's also extremely easy to get off before bed at night. I use a wet face wipe before bed and I get everything off with just one. Before bed I hate fussing with getting mascara off and sometimes I'm really not in the mood to go through all the hassle. I love that this is easily removable.

Generally, my eyes tear a lot and are sensitive to wind and the cold, but the mascara doesn't get all over my face. However, I did have a good cry sesh once and it was all over my face. So if you're going to a wedding where you know you'll be balling your eyes out, I'd go the waterproof route. I don't use this on my brides because it's too much of an emotional day and not worth the risk. But on an every day basis, it's perfectly wonderful to use (unless you cry a lot on a daily basis, which, then, aw hunny). 

Also, since the mascara coats your lashes so well, it could be very heavy. So it tends to look heavy if you add a lot of coats. So, sometimes when my mascara is fairly dry after about 10 minutes, I'll use an eyelash curler AFTER putting on my mascara. A word of advice, though, if you're going to try this you must be very gentle and go very slowly to avoid ripping any lashes out. 

The only con for me is that it does flake a little bit throughout the day. Also, I wish it came in a waterproof version. But it probably will eventually if there's a demand for it and the mascara becomes quite popular, which I think it is.

Overall, this mascara is near perfect. It's formula is super black which makes your eyes stand out beautifully. I normally buy waterproof mascaras, but it's so easy to take off at night and it really looks so beautiful on your eyes that I am converted, cue the halo around my head.😇

Also, one of the best parts is that it has ingredients in it to simulate lash growth! Raise your hand if you had permanent fake lashes put on at a place and they damaged your real lashes 🖐🏻  (Elena I know you know what I mean lol)! Unless it's all in my head, after using this mascara for a well it seemed to make my lashes stronger, healthier, and more... well... there! 

I'm going with a definite "Makeup!" I totally love this near-perfect mascara.  

Have you tried this mascara before? Is there a mascara you absolutely love? Please comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Winner of the Free Makeover Contest!

Winner of the Free Makeover Contest!

If you or a friend is getting married, a bridesmaid in a wedding, going to an event, or would like to get your makeup done for a night out, I’ll do it for free! If you liked my Facebook page, you were automatically entered to win a free makeover (worth $100). If you shared any of my page posts, you were entered twice! Check out my video to see who got randomly picked last night! It might be you…

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Fashion at the Oscars

There were so many dresses I loved that I couldn't include them all. So many celebs came to the red carpet looking AMAZING. See below for some of my favorite and not-so-favorite looks of the night. Let's leap on into it (bc its Leap Day... Haha, bad joke)...

Beautiful Oscar-Worthy Looks


Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence looked SO chic! Everything from hair to makeup to dress. I love her new hair. My only issue was that she didn't seem like herself last night. She looked very quiet and reserved when the cameras were on her, which is very unlike her. I feel it's due to the fact that she was scrutinized for being "a bitch" at the last awards show. It seemed like she was trying to keep a low profile last night instead of being her normal silly self. We still love you JLaw, screw the haters and be you honey.

That being said, her dress looked beyond amazing on her. The overall look is super chic and cool! She ties for my absolute favorite look of the night. Gorgeousa!!!




Leonardo DiCaprio


If you know me AT ALL and/or read my blog posts you know I'm obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. Last night he looked so gorgeous. He looked so dapper and those piercing turquoise eyes were sparkling with hope, then excitement and vindication, and, as always, class. Congrats on the oscar win, Leo!








Priyanka Chopra

Zuhair Murad

Yup had to google how to spell that one. Ummm she looks freaking amazing. AMAZING. Beautiful. Hair and makeup on point. Her dress looks and fits perfect on her. I think she ties for best look of the night. Obsessed.  It's a tie between P. and JLaw for my absolute favorite look of the night. LOVE.









Saoirse Ronan

Calvin Klein Collection

This is the second time she landed on my best dressed list! This dress is just, wow. She looks awesome in the emerald green. The back, which I didn't even notice at first, is to die for! She has made such a transformation since her first awards show. Her hair and her makeup look amaze. She just looks like an absolute star. I love all of it. 














Reese Witherspoon

Oscar de la Renta

I just wanted to note that I love her makeup. Fresh faced and beautiful, love. Not obsessed with the dress but its a beautiful color on her nonetheless. Thumbs up for makeup. So-so for dress.


Rachel McAdams

August Getty Atelier

I thought it was cool that she took a risk. I love that her dress had a high slit in the front and was very low in the back. She wore it well and looked both elegant and sexy in it. However, I wasn't as crazy about the hair and makeup with the overall look. I also think some shapewear could have helped this dress have a more tailored look to her body. But overall, I like it!









Chrissy Teigan


Chrissy looks super glamorous but also feminine. I love how she's glowing from being pregnant. She didn't overdo it on the makeup and I like how her hair makes her look very elegant. I also really love this complete head to toe look.










Isla Fisher


I think Isla looks incredibly classy and beautiful here. Makeup and hair on point. Dress, while it's not a WOW dress, it fits her amazing and she looks beautiful and classic. I heard she landed on some worst dressed lists, but boo to them!







Liz Hernandez

Michael Costello

I had no idea who this woman was. But she looked amazing. The dress makes her look a little wide in the hips, but who cares. Curves are in and she looks great! This dress is hott and the hair and makeup look amazing too.  I googled her and she's from Access Hollywood. This dress is super sexy but elegant at the same time. Love it.




Kevin Hart

Dolce & Gabbana

Only a confident man that doesn't take himself too seriously can wear this tux. I did a double take and wasn't sure how I felt about it. But I decided he's cool for taking a risk and he was light hearted and fun about it. I liked it, Kevin! 




Chris Rock

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Chris Rock rockin the Louboutins. You know I love my Loubs!! Looking sharp as the host, Chris. 










Naomi Watts

Armani Prive

I'm totally on the fence about this one. I kind of don't like this dress, but I also can't stop staring at it.  It's so high fashion and unique. I'm not in love with it, but I appreciate it. it's very fashion forward and the colors are really beautiful. I think the necklace kind of clashes though, it's a total opposite look. I think with such an aggressive dress Naomi could have opted for a more subtle necklace. She totes looks like a runway mermaid, and I kind of like it. It's kind of like a guilty pleasure dress. I enjoy looking at it, but also feel weird about it. Overall, I'll give it a thumbs up for edge and style. Fashion is all about taking risks and standing out, and she certainly did.



Looks I Didn't Love...



Brie Larson


Another hair and makeup miss for me, Brie. Actually, her entire look was a miss for me. I didn't like the dress at all. Sorry Gucci but it looked cheap to me & I did not like that belt at all. Also, I can't stand what her hair and makeup team does to her. Her hair looks so childish and, again, her makeup was poorly executed. She was an Oscar winner last night, and she didn't look like one to me. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter how you look. But, it's nice to look back on winning a freakin OSCAR and saying, damn I looked good when I won. Oh well. She looks happy here, that's what matters. & It was super cute when she hugged her little costar Jacob Tremblay when she won. Props for that!


Alicia Vikander

Louis Vuitton

This girl is naturally gorgeous. She's a beautiful woman and her excitement made her shine. However, I was not into this dress. In my opinion it wasn't fancy enough for the Oscars and it was just... ok. It looked like a dress you'd wear to a Hamptons summer party. Also, a little too teeny-bopper for me. Personally, I'm not into it, but again she's still beautiful and radiant. Just, her dress isn't.





The Bear from The Revenant

Jonah Hill did it on the Globes and it wasn't funny. Someone did it in the Oscars' audience and it wasn't funny.  It's just not funny. I feel like they're poking fun at Leo and I don't like it. Don't mess with my man, guys in bear suits. Worst look of the night. LOL ;)




Your First Dance... Take Lessons or Wing it?💃🏻

So you're thinking about your first dance. You both know basically how to dance, well how to sway back and forth. But maybe you fear that it'll get boring for 4 minutes doing the ole back and forth sway. So you're thinking of taking dance lessons. 

My husband (fiancé at the time) and I decided last minute to take dance lessons. AKA I decided to take dance lessons and realized last minute that I wanted to do it. Our wedding song (I Choose You by Sara Bareilles) is not exactly a slow song. It has a beat that is difficult to dance to. So off to the dance studio we went. 

Yeah... about that...

Yeah... about that...

The instructor was nice, she was young and adorable. We decided to learn a choreographed dance for our song. So she taught us some basic dance steps, which I thought I'd be amazing at. WRONG. Of course, my husband was really great at it and I kept stumbling over my feet. Or forgetting what to do. Or counting to 10 when the counts were supposed to go to 6. Whoops.  

Although I was embarrassed to not be great at something, I was determined to practice and become really good at it. I'm also super competitive. Upon our second dance class I got better, still not amazing (or good), but hey, practice helps. I would ask my husband to go over the steps with me at home. I really wanted to get better and rock it!

Well we were a few days away from our third dance lesson (and only a month away from the wedding) and the studio called us saying our instructor was "sick until further notice" (um... Ok?) and we could start over with someone else. Who could take us only at like 11 at night. Wanting to dance really beautifully for our first dance, I considered it. But the thought of starting a new routine just weeks before our wedding just added to our stress. We decided not to continue and decided just to wing it at the wedding. I am a bit of a "planner" (see: control freak), but my stress level for the wedding was already at a high and I didn't want to add to it. So we wung it. (Is "wung" a word??)

In the end I'm glad we did our own thing. I thought swaying back and forth would be awkward and boring for 4 minutes. But I realized, who the hell cares? If people are bored, oh well! Too bad for them. I looked into my husband's eyes and we smiled, laughed, joked, hugged, kissed, and just enjoyed dancing together. It was very romantic and beautiful for us, and that's all that mattered. Instead of counting steps I was having fun and living in the moment. 

I don't have my professional pictures back yet but here's a cute picture that one of our friends took of our first dance.

I don't have my professional pictures back yet but here's a cute picture that one of our friends took of our first dance.

Hey, if you have plenty of time to learn a dance then that's great! I'm not saying to avoid it at all costs. It just didn't work for us, and if you find that it doesn't work for you that's OK too. If you can practice it so much that you don't have to think about it, then totally go for it. But it's not necessary. Just have fun and enjoy the moment. It's ok to be silly, it's ok for people to be bored. Just have the best time and enjoy your first dance as husband and wife 😍

#tbt Jenny & Anthony's Wedding

Happy anniversary to our best friends Jenny and Anthony! Today is the actual anniversary of their wedding 4 years ago! 


I did Jenny's makeup for her wedding as well as most of her bridesmaids that day, many of whom are my friends too. It was such a great day and I was so happy doing Jenny's makeup because I got to spend some special time with her on one of the most important days of her life.

Jenny is a beautiful person inside and out and one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. She also laughs at my jokes, even when I'm not funny and always makes me smile. Anthony is hilarious, has a great heart, is so fun, and is always the life of the party. We had an amazing time at their wedding at the North Ritz Club and Jenny looked so beautiful. Her Ines Di Santo dress from Bridal Reflections (where Jenny works) was AMAZE. Love you Jenny and Anthony! Happy Anniversary!

Here is an amazing recap video their videographer did for them if you'd like to check it out! It's so beautiful I love it. Happy anniversary!

Rebelle-ious Give Away Worth $100 - Want to Win?


Since this is the month of love, and I love all of my darling


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