New obsession for (easily) organizing pics online!

I kind of don't get the cloud.

I get it, but I don't get it. You get me? I do know that my iPhone cloud storage was used up 58 weeks ago, as I get notified daily. Welp.

Am I also the only one who has a bad habit of racking up 1600+ pictures then never deleting them until I get a new phone or until my phone literally won’t take any more pictures until I delete some? But what happens to those photos?

I end up transferring the pics over to my computer and they sit there forever because I don't feel like going through them and deciding which to keep and which to delete. I have organizational commitment issues (see: lazy).

So the pictures sit on my computer in random unorganized folders and take up space. I have a bunch of my pics backed up on thumb drives and my external hard drive but I barely see these photos. Then I kind of forget about them. When I’m trying to find a fun photo for #tbt, it’s just too much effort to go on my computer, search through pics, ugh… I’m tired thinking about it.

Basically, I don’t want to make too much effort when it comes to saving my pictures and I want to access any of them whenever I want without taking up too much space. If I’m telling a friend, for example, “remember that time you spray tanned and were WAY tan?!” ahem Lauren… lol. I want to be able to pull up that picture quickly so we can both have a laugh.

If you’re a bride-to-be reading this, you’ll probably find yourself searching for pictures of you and your family, fiance, and bridal party throughout the process. I know from experience this can be a pain and extremely time consuming. If only I knew about this during that time, it would have saved a lot of time and I probably would have found way better pictures than I did!

Google Photos. Ugh… I’m just going to say it and you don’t have to say it back... but I love you.

Trust me, go to the app store and download it ASAP!


Some features I love about Google Photos:

Facial Recognition

What I love about this feature is that it automatically stores people’s faces. So, if for example, you’re looking for pictures of you and your fiance for photos to display for your engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding then all you have to do is click on his face and it’ll show you ALL the pictures you have of him. It sounds stalkery since it literally shows a face of anyone and everyone who’s ever been in your pictures but it’s really cool and useful. I wish I had this tool when searching endlessly for pictures of the 12 people that were in our wedding party. It's also comical because sometimes the person's display photo is a very old photo or a super random awkward photo... see "George" (my husband) in mine. That picture is from when he was in like 8th grade LOL.


Date Tool

It’s great that you can simply type a date, month, year, or a combination of all of them into the search bar and it’ll bring up the results instantly. So if I wanted to search what I did for my birthday last year, but I’m not sure what day we went out but I know it was in November, I’d simply type “November 2014” into the search bar. Then it would pull up all pictures dated in Nov 2014 for me to scroll through.

That's right, we rented out the karaoke spot!


It Automatically Creates Collages, GIFs, Etc.

I love the suggestiveness of this tool. It gives you cool ideas and examples of pictures you can put together for albums, shared albums, movies, stories, animations (like gifs), and collages. I recently found you can make your own now too and add/ remove pics from the movies they automatically create for you. I think you can only make your own collages and animations in the phone app though. Still very cool.

I also like it because it puts together pictures from a long time ago, so it’s nice to see throwbacks. It’s like a #ThrowbackThursday every day!

"Animation" created by Google Photos.

"Animation" created by Google Photos.


Desktop Uploader

There is a separate uploader that quickly and easily uploads all your pictures and movies for your computer. I didn’t realize at first, and I was manually uploading all my pics one folder at a time. But it is super fast, runs on its own, and you don't have to manually upload each folder (like I did). Click here for the link for your computer (not phone).


Search Suggestions

Google photos automatically groups certain categories together such as people (which I spoke about in #1), places, and things.


Shows simply where the photo was taken. This came in handy when we were on our Honeymoon in Europe and later looked at the picture and couldn’t remember exactly what area we were in.




Google Photos groups similar photos into categories, such as weddings, animals, dancing, food, selfies etc. It’s pretty cool!




Easy Sharing with Friends and Family (only if you want)

I love that you can easily share entire albums or select photos with people. My friend took 350 pictures at my wedding and many of them came out awesome. She put them on Facebook but it was a pain to go through each one and save one at a time. Through Google Photos, she pressed “share” and shared the album only to me, and I got the entire thing immediately without having to go through all the pictures individually. I love that!



This is an important feature for me. I only share a small amount of my photos on Facebook. I’m a fairly private person and don’t like to share everything. On Google photos, NO one can see the thousands of pictures I’ve uploaded. If I share an album or a few photos with someone, that’s all they have access too. I really love that it’s private.


Unlimited Storage

This is not easy to find nowadays. You get unlimited storage for “high quality pictures at a reduced file size”. This is a good option for photos taken on your cell phone. BUT if you want to save hi-res photos (umm let’s just say special photos taken with a nice camera) then you can also temporarily change the settings to “original full resolution” and THEN upload them after the settings were changed. Don’t forget to change it back after. You only get about 12 GB of storage for hi-res photos (which is a lot, but still) and you don’t want to waste it on iPhone photos.


Clearly I'm a Bit Obsessed

But I love my photo memories and I like that I can easily organize, preserve, and access them at anytime. I swear I don’t work for Google, lol, although that would be awesome since they have a nap room for employees which is my dream (pun not intended!) I just think it’s an awesome, helpful, addicting photo organizer. Download, enjoy, and thank me later!