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Contract made between Jennifer Reardon, her makeup artists, and her assistant makeup artists, all here referred to as Rebelle With a Gloss, and the client referenced above and her bridal party, here referred to as Client.

A. Client agrees to engage Rebelle With a Gloss to provide makeup services on the date and time agreed.
B. Rebelle With a Gloss agrees to perform makeup services for Client on the date and time agreed.

In consideration of the mutual promises set forth in this contract, it is agreed by and between Client and Rebelle With a Gloss:

The parties intend that an independent contractor relationship will be created by this contract. Client is interested only in the results to be achieved and the conduct and control of the work will lie solely with Rebelle With a Gloss. Rebelle With a Gloss is not to be considered an agent or employee of Client for any purpose.


Rebelle With a Gloss Obligations
A. Rebelle With a Gloss shall provide Services with reasonable care and skill.
B. Rebelle With a Gloss shall perform the Services on the date and time agreed.
C. If Rebelle With a Gloss is unable to perform agreed services for any unforeseeable reason, unavoidable situation Rebelle With a Gloss agrees to arrange for an equally qualified makeup artist to complete the agreed upon services. In the event of an emergency where another makeup artist can not be arranged, Rebelle With a Gloss with give Client a full refund.
D. Rebelle With a Gloss shall use their own products in the provision of the Services.

Client Obligations
A. Client agrees to pay Fee in accordance with Payment provision.
B. Client is responsible for Rebelle With a Gloss fees, assistant fees, parking and travel fees as stated in this agreement.
C. Client agrees to immediately inform Rebelle With a Gloss and its assistants or agents regarding any sensitivities or allergies they or their bridal party may have to any types of makeup products, lotions, or brushes.
D. Client agrees to pay Rebelle With a Gloss' requested deposit to reserve makeup services for the requested date. Client understands that this payment is due within 2 weeks of contract.
E. Client and Bridal Party will meet Rebelle With a Gloss at the contracted time in the agreed upon place. If Client or Bridal Party is late or not where they are supposed to be for makeup services throughout the day, then Client will pay a $75/ hour fee to Rebelle With a Gloss.


Client will pay Rebelle With a Gloss the total sum.
Client will pay the sum less the deposit on date of services by Cash, Check, Google Wallet, or Venmo only immediately upon completion of services.
After both parties have signed this service agreement, this amount is non-negiotable and must be paid immediately after makeup services are completed.
Client agrees that the final price does not lessen if the original number of women decreases or changes the day of. Client is still responsible for the agreed upon amount, regardless.
In the event that a member of Bridal Party does not pay agreed upon fee, then Client herself is responsible for that fee.