Rebelle With a Gloss

We all want to look and feel beautiful but it's so much more than that...

Looking and feeling beautiful exudes power. When you know you look good, you feel

confident and stunningly rebellious. I am a woman who loves to encourage other

women to be strong and successful and I think the root of that is how you feel about

yourself. Now, I'm in no way being vain and saying that looking good is everything,

because it's not. Getting your makeup done regularly and right is a foundation for

confidence, and it is definitely a positive step in feeling good about yourself. We at Rebelle With a Gloss use our

makeup artistry talents to pull out that gorgeous beauty from the inside to make you

over into the stunning, confident, Rebelle that you always knew you were...

Phone: (516) 428-6183                                                                                   
-Jenn ParianteRebelle With a Gloss

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