FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Do you do both hair and makeup?

Yes! I'm a makeup artist and I have amazing hairstylists who work on my Rebelle Glam Squad to make you look beautiful for your big day!

What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup application?

Airbrush is foundation that is thinner than regular liquid foundation. Due to the fine misted spray, airbrush makeup provides a flawless coverage, evening out skin's imperfections while still allowing your skin to breathe. It doesn't feel like you're wearing any makeup on your skin. It photographs beautifully, lasts longer, and is waterproof as the brand I used is silicone based. It's amazing!

Can you do my hair & makeup for my engagement party/ boudoir shoot/ engagement shoot/ bridal shower as well?

Of course! I would love to! I reserve weekends for weddings, so I can’t commit to anything that isn’t a wedding until a month before the requested date. If I don’t have a wedding booked a month before then I open the date up to those on my waiting list. To be put on the waiting list for your any bridal related photoshoots or parties, email me.

Do you only do weddings?

Nope! I specialize in weddings, but I also love dolling you up for any event that makes you or a loved one feel special. Getting your makeup and hair done is such a special and relaxing treat. Whether it's a special night out for you, such as an anniversary or a birthday; or for special occasions for your loved ones, such as getting you and your daughter's hair and makeup done special for her prom, sweet 16, communion, or bat mitzvah. Whatever you need to feel special and beautiful for, I’m here for you!

I also work closely with an amazing photographer who does maternity, boudoir, and beauty shoots. If you're interested, please message me for more info!

I'm available for video shoots and editorials. PM me for rates.

FAQs about Trials

Do you suggest hair and makeup trials beforehand?

If you are the bride, I absolutely recommend it!

The trial is meant to find your perfect wedding look. At a trial we experiment with what you like and don't like so that the day of the wedding we know exactly what we are doing. The day of your wedding should be seamless and stress free & having a trial beforehand will make things easier for you. I'm a big fan of making things as simple and easy as possible for my brides!

What can I bring to the trials?

Sometimes it's not easy to describe what you want through words, so you're welcome to show me photos of looks you love (or even looks you don't love) on your phone. If you're not sure exactly what you want, that's fine too! I will send you a very detailed confirmation email after you book, giving you tips on how to prep.

How many people can I bring to the trial?

I highly recommend either coming alone or bringing one person with you. During the trial I want to get to know you better (& vice versa!) and I would love to hear what you want for your big day and be able to hear your vision. Please limit your entourage to one or two people maximum :)

What if I booked a trial appointment and have to change or cancel it?

Deposits to hold trial appointments are non-refundable and non-transferable; meaning if you cancel or change the appointment you unfortunately will lose the deposit. If you notify me about a reschedule within 48 hours I may be able to accommodate you, depending. But I cannot make an exception for cancellations or no shows.

Does booking a trial hold my wedding date?

Unfortunately it does not, it only reserves your trial date. However, if someone else inquires about your wedding date before your trial I will let you know and give you the option to book your wedding date first. Please note that after your trial I hold your wedding date for 48 hours as a potential booking courtesy. If you do not book your wedding within that timeframe I open the date back up for other brides and then allow them to book a trial or their wedding. If you do want to reserve your wedding date before your trial you certainly can, just let me know.

Booking your Wedding

Will you travel to me the day of my wedding?

Of course! I happily travel to wherever you are getting ready on the day of your wedding. The first 30 miles roundtrip are free! Makeup trials are at my home in Lynbrook. I can travel to you for the trial for an additional cost.

I have a large bridal party. Can you accommodate all of us?

Absolutely! I sure know what that's like, having had 7 bridesmaids in my own bridal party (along with my mother, mother in law, flower girl, oh... and me!). We can do hair and makeup for as many women as you'd like.

I do ask that if you have a large bridal party or strict time restraints that you let me know well in advance. This way I can make sure I have enough makeup artists and hairstylists available to help, as we tend to book up fast.

Some of my bridesmaids definitely want to book but a couple are debating. Should I book all of them now and can I potentially cancel their services later on if they change their minds?

I always recommend to book with the minimum amount of women that you 100% know want makeup (and/or hair services). For example, if you have 7 bridesmaids and 5 of them definitely want makeup but the other two are unsure then I recommend booking with 5 for now and potentially adding the other two on down the road. We can add later on, but cannot subtract. When you read the contract you will see states that the final price does not lessen if the original number of women decreases or changes the day of. You, as the bride, would still be responsible for the agreed upon amount, regardless. In the event that a member of the bridal party drops out or does not pay agreed upon fee, then you will still be responsible for that fee. As such, I always recommend to book with the ladies who 100% are interested. Please keep in mind there is a 4 person minimum (which includes the bride).